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Welcome to Texas Rheumatology Care, a center dedicated to the treatment of conditions associated with altered immune systems and diseases of the musculoskeletal systems and the connective tissues .

Until recently, OSTEOPOROSIS has not been a priority for doctors in the community. However, bones are the framework of our bodies and our life. Half of the women after the age of 50 will have a breakage related to weak, less dense bone. Our diet is also poor in calcium and vitamin D and our sedentary lifestyle and other diseases and medications aggravate this condition.


At Texas Rheumatology Care, Dr. Zahabi and her staff are acutely aware of the epidemic of osteoporosis. We have the state of the art equipment to measure bone density at the lower spine and hip and the forearm. Our experienced and dedicated staff will quickly perform the much-needed tests, and provide an easy-to-understand diagram to document various degrees of bone health. Using this data, you appreciate the disease processes and a management plan is formulated best suited to your individual needs.

We are unique in that we provide this diagnostic care and treatment in one facility with your trusted doctor.