About Us

Fehmida Zahabi

Dr. Fehmida Zahabi is a board certified physician of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine and the founder of Texas Rheumatology Care. She has been providing state-of-the-art Rheumatology and Internal Medicine Care in the North Texas area (Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Frisco, Mckinney, Allen) neighboring States, and some international clientele since 1996. Dr. Fehmida Zahabi Full Bio

Andrea Landon
Nurse Practitioner

Andrea Landon is an Advanced Practice Nurse who specializes in the acute and chronic care of patients with Rheumatologic conditions. She has worked collaboratively with Dr. Fehmida Zahabi since 2005. She has received her undergraduate degree at Baylor Univeristy in 1989 where she was top graduate of her class and a member of Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. She then went on to complete her Master of Science Degree at Texas WOman's University in 2003 with an emphasis on Familty Health.
Tha Advanced Nurse's role is performing assessments of patients health, diagnosing and treating health problems, managing patient care and providing disease prevention and health promotion.
Andrea is a member of the American College of Rheumatology and the Texas Nurse Practitioner Society. She has and continues to provide education ot Nurse Practitioners and the Community on Rheumatology conditions.
Andrea began her medical career at Children's Medical Center of Dallas where she provided care to chronically ill pediatric patients for transplant, trauma, and general surgery. She then went on to manage home and in-office infusion therapy of adult and pediatric patients specializing in biologic infusions, She joined Texas Rheumatoloty Care in 2005 and works collaboratively with Dr. Fehmida Zahabi in providing comprehinsive medical care to the patients. Her hobbies and interests include snow skiing, reading, watersports and most of all spending time with her familty.

La Rhonda Bradley
Office Manager

La Rhonda began her career in insurance by working as a health claims examiner in 1999. She continued working as a claims examiner until 2005 while she attended Remington College and got her certificate in medical assisting. That same year, La Rhonda started working with Dr. Zahabi where she learned the ropes from the ground up. She received her certification as a Specialized Medical Assistant 2007 with IV therapy as well as Osteoporosis Study and certification for performing DXA for bone density measurements on the GE Prodigy.
She is currently handling the "behinds the scenes" aspects of the office. Her duties include interfacing with the Commercial Insurance Carriers, Special Drug Program Enrollments, as well office management Insurance Carriers, Special Drug program Enrollments, as well office management and supervision. As in the credo of Texas Rheumatology Care, she continues her growth in the clinical and medical management spheres.
In her spare time, La Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family and beloved Boxer and spoiling her niece Gabrielle. In the community she volunteers with Dr Zahabi at local Faith based health Fairs educating about Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

Alicia Gray
Front Office

Alicia Gray attended Texas Tech University. Her Duties include scheduling appoints, answering phones, administring functions, and assisting Dr. Zahabi and Mrs. Landon with managing the work flow. She represents the smiling face of the practice.
Alicia recently moved to Dallas from Lubbock where she was an event planner. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, painting, photograohy, event planning and spending time with freinds and family.

Rachael Ramirez
Medical Assistant

Ms. Ramirez finished and completed her certification at Remington College in 2008 for Medical Assisting. Many Medical Assistants specialize in a particular area. They have extra duties that reflect their areas of expertise. Rachael completed IV Therapy training and certification. She currently assists and maintains the patients in the infusion room. Rachael's duties include, obtaining patients vituals, specimens, IVs, injections, appointments, as well as managing the infusion Suite. She also helps Mrs. Adrea Landon the nurse practioner manage and control the work flow. Ms. Ramirez was born and raised in Texas. She lived in Sachse. She likes to spend her down time with her familty. She enjoy outdoor activities, gardening and music. Southern Hospitality and sweet spirit.

Ammala Sophabmexai
Medical Assistant

Ammala graduated from Fresno Metropolitan Regional Occupational Center in June of 1988. She has been working in the healthcare field since then. Ammala's duties include assisting Dr. Zahabi with her daily work flow and patient care. She also manages the records department, as well as, the Bone Density Suite. Her smile and gentle nature is well liked by the staff and patients.
Growing up in Laos, Ammala moved to california in 1979. She moved to Texas and became part of Texas Rheumatology Care 4 years ago. In her spare time, Ammala enjoys traveling, road trips throughout the state, estate sales, cooking, and movies. She loves spending time with her family.